Our knowledgeable reps and innovative lab equipment manufacturers are committed to providing comprehensive solutions for your lab or pharmacy.  We will help you select the proper equipment for your application and coordinate the details so you can focus on your patients and research.

Apex is the leading provider of lab equipment in the Midwest. Combined we bring you 100 years of experience, knowledge and service in the lab equipment industry. At Apex, we understand that service begins with an understanding of your facilities unique needs, and ends with your unconditional satisfaction.

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  • Alternative Design: Proven products/Creative solutions: Modular ventilated caging, Large animal runs, Bulk trucks, and Avian caging.  Link to website.

  • Amerex Instruments, Inc. offers a full product line of refrigerated and non refrigerated incubator shakers, water baths shakers, platform shakers, ovens, and portable autoclaves.

  • Animal Care Systems manufactures the only motor-free rodent caging system in the industry. Combining “twice the mice” density with our unique carousel design, our caging provides a microenvironment that is free of noise, vibration and ultrasound, creating a variable-free environment. We have established a stellar reputation for our superior customer service and product support. Link to website.

  • BioFit manufactures some of the most ergonomic, durable and utilitarian laboratory seating available, featuring a wide range of functionality and performance options.

  • BioSpherix
    Cytocentric Cell incubation and processing systems

  • Laboratory Ovens and Incubators

    State of the art solutions designed to help ensure the generation of high quality and reliable test data. Engineered to minimize utility consumption. Confidence where you need it most, efficiency where it really counts. View our full line of Dry Heat Ovens, Incubators, CO2 Incubators, Vacuum Drying Ovens and Climatic Chambers.  

  • BSI provides quality general purpose refrigeration solutions and inventory storage systems.

  • Chart-MVE is the global leader in cryogenics. We manufacture the widest range of products for biological sample storage, LN2 transportation and liquid delivery systems. Please contact us today for all your cryogenic needs.

  • CSI Jewett offers solution for health care. Link to all health care products. Links to individual products: Scrub sinks, Warming cabinets, Morgue and autopsy, and Pathology.

  • Flow Sciences, Inc. (FSI) designs and manufactures containment solutions for research and development laboratories, pilot plants, automation equipment and robotics, manufacturing and production facilities where toxic or noxious potent powders, fluids or gases require safe handling while weighing, mixing, processing, or manufacturing  

  • Since 1977, Helmer has led the industry in the life science market by designing and manufacturing innovative products that support and aid our customers’ efforts. We continue to grow and provide quality products and service to the market we serve.

  • Lynx cage washing equipment is designed for robust washing and disinfecting of animal care product, including small and large animal caging, water bottles, enrichment, ancillary items, and associated material handling equipment. Link to website

  • For over 30 years NuAire Inspiration has provided laboratory professionals with the Best Laboratory Equipment including Biological Safety Cabinets, Autoflow CO2 Incubators, Small Animal Cage Changing systems and more!

  • Powers scientific offers a broad range of environmentally controlled chambers to meet the needs of clinical and lifescience applications. Powers standard line of refrigerators, -20 freezers, under-counter, reach-in, mini walk-ins, stability chambers, crystal growth chambers, drosphila, incubators , pass thru-refrigerators, etc. offer a full range of solutions.

  • Primus steam sterilizers are designed for laboratory applications and the vivarium.  Laboratory: Media prep, and sterilization of glassware, instruments, and ancillary lab equipment, as well as laboratory waste. Vivarium:  Animal caging, bedding, water bottles, enrichment, waste, and associated material handling equipment. Link to laboratory. Link to vivarium.


  • Scientek offers cage washing equipment and multi level glassware washers and dryers.  Cage washing: designed for robust washing and disinfection of animal care products, including small and large animal caging, water bottles, enrichment, ancillary items, and associated material handling equipment. Link to website.  Glassware washers: Automatic glassware washers and dryers to process various glassware and miscellaneous equipment associated with laboratory processes. Link to website.

  • So-Low Ultralow Freezers
    Lab professionals all over the world have recognized the depenability and efficiency of So-Low ultra low temperature freezers and refrigerators. Our goal is to provide a level of quality construction, reliability and value unequaled anywhere. Made in USA

  • A leader in the design and fabrication of custom-ventilated workstations and associated equipment for the laboratory, research and pharmaceutical industry since 1992.

  • Thermal Product Solutions (TPS) offers Lab Animal Science Sterilizers giving you more sterilizing options for your vivarium.
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